Be Your Own Cheerleader -- For an Entire Month

by Holly Schippers | July 27, 2011

What makes you special? Why should someone come to you for services? What are some of your best qualities as a person? As a professional?

All too often I hear techs getting down on themselves for one thing or another, whether it is timing, skills, or something they feel to be lacking. When you are talking to your kids or a friend if you are not a parent, do you tell them that they will not be any good at what they do? How about how slow and dull they are? Why not?

It is time to pull out a little of that love you have for others and slather it on yourself! You cannot wait for someone else to tell you that you are doing a good job and how proud they are that you are doing your best. How does anyone but you know that it is your best? For the entire month of August I challenge you to treat yourself like you want to be treated for a change, encourage yourself to try the things you have been putting off or fearing, and let that little inner cheerleader you reserve for friends and family loose on yourself for a change!

— Holly

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