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The Hunger Games-Inspired Nail Art

by NAILS Magazine | March 23, 2012

When I was reading The Hunger Games I was thrilled that protagonist Katniss Everdeen’s nails were described. “The team works on me until late afternoon, turning my skin to glowing satin, stenciling patterns on my arms, painting flame designs on my twenty perfect nails,” she says. (Of course, I was less thrilled many pages later when her nail art begins to chip off, then even more sad when she gnaws off the last bits of nail polish.)

With the movie’s public release today, and many ardent fans watching it at midnight this morning, I was thrilled to see many nail artists inspired by the nails described in the trilogy. Here are some The Hunger Games-inspired nails that I’ve received over the past few days. I have tickets to see the movie on the big screen tomorrow and am curious as to whether the nails are rendered in any meaningful way.

Alanna Joy Littlepage, of AII (parent company of China Glaze) used the very appropriate China Glaze Capitol Colours Collection to create this manicure for the movie’s premiere on March 12. The base is China Glaze Smoke and Ashes, followed by Riveting for the flames, and Electrify on top of the flames. You can see even more “Girl on Fire” nails on China Glaze’s Facebook page.

These nails by Dianna Medeiros of Woodbury Heights, N.J., feature handpainted flames with accent nails sporting the mockingjay pin.

This nail art design by Lisa Manderfield, Krush Hair + Nail Salon, Kokomo, Ind., shows her take on the flames, plus a mockingjay pin.

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