Behind the Scenes for the July Cover

by Holly Schippers | June 26, 2012

How on earth do you top doing your first cover? Doing your second cover on the same day, but getting to create and select the colors and design of course! For the July cover of NAILS, the powers that be had a general idea of a theme but not a specific color or design in mind. They brought in some cute butterflies for inspiration. Wanting to get the look of the texture immediately made me think of using a fan brush for that soft look. Then the thought came if I was going to layer colors in order to fan brush them, why not carve a design in as well? The result is a very simple, and very easy to duplicate design that your everyday client can wear and any of you could do!

With the design in place, next comes all the fun behind the scenes stuff! The feet are photographed in all kinds of things, from different angles, and with different props.

After all the great photos Vu took of the toes in the morning, Hannah discovered a great patch of beautiful moss while helping with another shoot!

Can’t you see this as an easy upsell on your toe service!?! I would suggest about $5-$10 for the fan brushing and then another $5-$10 for the carving of the butterfly since they could also be two separate services.

Thanks again to the whole NAILS team for making me feel like the studio was my second home.

— Holly

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