Rebalancing/Filling Acrylic Nails

by Holly Schippers | December 14, 2012

Part of business building is client retention. It does not do a lot of good to put out the effort to get people in the door if you can’t keep them in your chair. Something I commonly get asked questions about is rebalancing (some of you may think of it as a fill). I sent out some feelers to other manufacturers and got a response back from Rhonda Kibuk with a link to some great backfill videos from Young Nails. Here’s a link to watch those videos.

I have also created a backfill video on a liquid and powder client who wears Shellac. You can watch it below:

There are a multitude of ways to do the service, you can hand file or e-file, you can use liquid and powder or gel, the main thing the services should all have in common is the recommendation of home care!

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further blog request subjects for 2013!

— Holly

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