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Week 10: Excited to Be Moving Forward!

by A'Kia Warrior | April 1, 2016

Have you ever been excited and nervous at the same time? Well, imagine my emotions when I found out it’s time for me to complete my requirements to move over to the clinic floor. I was handed my study guide for my progressive exam and I felt an overflow of emotion.

Why would I, as a student, be so excited about this pivotal point in my journey to becoming a licensed nail technician? Those who have been following my journey know the amount of sacrifice that I’ve made for this. You will know that I want to be one of the best; I want to separate myself from the pack. That means I’m only getting closer to completion! I’m super excited!

This week I did more acrylic work and I must say that I’m learning the product. I’m understanding the ratio a little more. It felt good to complete a hand and not go crazy laying the product. I even filed, buffed, and polished. I cannot wait to get more practice in! I am realizing more and more what it’s going to take for me to give my clients the beautiful delivery of a quality acrylic overlay application.

This experience for me is so much more than I could have imagined and it has not been easy. This was the first week I questioned my commitment and my time away from my personal life to get this done. I even allowed someone whom I thought was supportive to step in and make me feel guilty for the decision that I made to start this journey. However, my eye is on the prize and my intentions are real for my future with my daughter. This is not something that just popped into my head one day and I went for it. It took proper preparation. It took drafting a pros and cons list. I talk to my daughter all of the time about what is going on, about the dreams I share with her, about the goals I want to achieve in this industry. It is so much more than what many want to imagine. I cannot wait to show the world what I’m made of — it’s my time!

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