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Week 16: Halfway There

by A'Kia Warrior | May 12, 2016

This week I spent time getting reps in and performing services on clients. It wasn't an extremely monumental week for me but I expected that at some point this would happen. It doesn't mean I'm bored; I'm just settled into a rhythm and am extremely focused on getting through this at the top of my class.

This week was Mother's Day weekend and we were booked solid. The ladies were rolling in to get their manicures and pedicures all day long. It's always nice to chat with clients and learn about who they are, but what's extra special to me is when they take the time to get to know who you are. Some clients have even encouraged me on this journey to become one of the best techs to ever do it. It's great motivation and so inspiring. I love being able to laugh and enjoy people without the extra pressures that a rigid corporate environment can bring. Please understand that I'm capable of doing what I have to do and succeeding in either environment, but this one makes me smile at the end of the day.

What I am learning about myself is that through all of this I am finding the joy and happiness that has been taken out of me over the years. I am able to interact with people who are serious about their business but enjoy it as well because they really love this industry. That's why the support and encouragement through this journey has meant so much to me — because it continues to confirm the decision that I made for myself and for my daughter.

I have seen some obstacles for myself and my classmates this week but what I love most is that we support each other and rise to the occasion when required. We support each other and want to see the best for each other. We all have a story to tell and obstacles to overcome, but what I am most proud of is our determination to stick it out. Everyone will choose a different path, but I intend to support these ladies as they have done for me since day one. Week 16! I'm halfway there! 

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