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Week 13: The Dip System and Client Appreciation

by Joliessa Seguin | September 21, 2017 | Bookmark +

<p>I didn't have any clients to start the week, so I sculpted hard gels on fake nails.</p>

This week was a rough start for me. Monday came and, for the first time in the last 13 weeks, I wasn't too excited to be at school. Between work, school, and missing my husband and kids, I was physically and mentally exhausted. I had no appointments set so I wasn't sure what do. I pulled out two of my fake fingers and started working on sculpted hard gels. This time it wasn't so bad, I watched a few videos on YouTube that definitely helped.

<p>I helped my classmate complete her set using the Kiara Sky Dip System.</p>

After that I watched one of classmates use the Kiara Sky Dip System, which was pretty cool. We all know how hard it is to do your own nails so she asked me to help. Eventually I ended up finishing them. Not only did they come out super cute, but it distracted me and helped bring back some motivation. I realized that doing nails doesn't only help the one getting them done by making them feel beautiful, but it helps me as well. Nails has been my therapy, my mental escape from all the things that keep my mind distracted.

The rest of the week was amazing, although I did have a no show client. I was able to have lunch with one of my best friends who came right after for a fill. Being on the floor feels unreal but because I've been receiving so much support, the transition has been more smooth.

Regarding the no show situation, we have to set the standard for ourselves at the beginning, and no call/no shows are unacceptable. Even though we're students, our time is still valuable. So I've decided, my standard is that I refuse to reschedule no shows. We must value ourselves or no one else will.

<p>Before I got started with an appointment, I took a photo with my client, who is also one of my best friends.</p>

On Wednesday, I aced another test. Our instructor  showed us how to do a fill with some sharpie and marble effects. She finished the day with a fantasy nail art demo. Fantasy art is basically unwearable 3-D nail art! I haven't had the time to practice my fantasy art because I've had appointments every day that we're on the floor, which is very exciting, but I think I know what design I want to do. (Stay tuned for my fantasy look!)

I finished the week with my last client of my "5 Client Project" I performed another sculpted set on another satisfied client. This time, it was my coworkers 14 year old daughter. Again, I was overwhelmed by the love and support from my Hard Rock family, but I was also amazed by how sweet and wise this young lady was.

<p>I complete this fill with gel-polish.</p>

Although my week didn't start off the best, I was able to do what I loved while making people feel loved and that's what matters. The best part of my week was when I realized that I need my clients just as much as they need me. Yes, they come to me for pretty nails but each of them touch my heart with every conversation. I love the career path that I've chosen and I hope you all feel the same. We're already half way done! Let's finish this second half with a bang and give it all we've got. The harder life gets, the harder we work and in the end, everything will be worth it.

<p>This was my fifth client!</p>

Till next time, keep spreading "JoLove" and make this world a loving place again! 

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