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Week 25: Setting and Accomplishing Goals

by Joliessa Seguin | December 14, 2017 | Bookmark +

<p>I gave my classmate a sculpted coffin set, but she wanted to practice doing her own nail art.</p>

It’s down to crunch time. We are super close to the end and I really want to focus on my timing. I don’t want to be unprepared when it's time to find the place to begin my new career, so I really had to step it up this week in school. Each day I wanted to make sure to get two services completed in a five-hour day. Keep in mind that we only do spa manis and pedis with a scrub and mask. With less than two months left, I’m making a goal for myself to increase my average services per day. I have to push myself now. I’m so confident on my foundation of laying acrylics, now I just have decrease my average time while continuing to master my skills and I CAN do it. Remember, you determine your outcome. If you believe, you can achieve!

Monday came and with my goal in mind, I immediately checked the books. I found out I had a pedicure appointment at 7:30 p.m. I had about two hours until my appointment arrived. First, I gathered everything I would need for my pedicure; files, buffers, polish remover, cotton, foot soak, cuticle remover, cuticle pusher, cuticle nippers, scrub, mask, lotion, etc. I set up the pedicure station, but I had some extra time, so I grabbed one of the morning cosmo students who stayed late to make up hours. She’s been asking me to do her nails for the longest so I felt this was the perfect time. I, of course, gave her a sculpted set. She wanted them coffin shaped but left with a blank canvas so she can practice her nail art. While it partially broke my heart, because I didn’t get to use my creativity on that set, I definitely understood why she wanted to practice. She loved that she now had a smooth blank canvas to work on. I’m looking forward to see what she comes up with.

<p>Here is a before and after of my client's spa pedicure.</p>

Shortly after finishing that full set, my client arrived for her pedicure. Thank goodness I was already set up so she didn’t have to wait too long. She came in, I sanitized her feet, removed her polish and we began. She had her daughters with her, which I found to be an adorable way to bond. We talked about music and school, they were such a cute little family. It was their first time at Euphoria but I have a feeling they’ll be back, they asked for my card.

<p>My client let me give her a super long sculpted stiletto and paint custom art. I thought the outcome was great!</p>

On Tuesday I had my first canceled appointment. At first I was a little disappointed, seeing how I set this goal for myself, but I couldn’t let that one cancellation stop me from accomplishing my goals. I grabbed my fake hand and worked on some sculpted hard gels. While I was working on that, one of my classmates asked me to sculpt a nail that had popped off. Of course, I jumped on the opportunity and also convinced her to let me experiment with sculpting a super long nail. I was blown away by how it turned out. It was unreal to think I could do something like that and of course, I did some nail art!

Before I knew it, it was 8:30 p.m. and one of my favorite cosmo friends asked me if I had time to do a fill. At first I thought I would, but once I started I didn’t realize how much work needed to be done, so I was able to finish the fill itself. I just hate when I don’t get to polish the nails. It’s like food if it's not fully cooked, you just know it could be way better if it were finished.

On the last day on the floor, I had two sculpted sets with nail art scheduled back-to-back in a two-hour time block. I purposely scheduled them that way to push myself. I felt like I knew I could do it, I just had to believe in myself and my skills. Well guess what guys? I did it! Two sculpted full sets done with nail art in four hours! There was such a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the night, especially when my clients were more than satisfied! The first client wanted  medium length coffin shape nails and let me “do my thing” when it came to polish and choice of design. My second client was a nail bitter and knew she wouldn’t be able to have them too long, so we went with short coffin nails while she chose red and black for the colors. I was able to use my creative side to make a unique design just for her.

<p>Here are some sculpted medium coffin nails with black gel-polish and gold glitter.</p>

The state board is right around the corner, so as I mentioned before, we’ve been practicing like crazy. I must say, while it can be stressful, I like the repetition. You know I always say practice makes perfect, and if we practice now, we’ll be more than ready for the state board when it finally comes around. 

I’d have to say this has been, what I’d like to consider, the most successful week for me thus far. I exceeded my own expectations and accomplished my goal. There were days I felt too tired to go to school, but I forced myself to go anyway and I'm glad I did. All my clients were satisfied with their services.

<p>This client bites her nails. We're hoping these acrylics will motivate her to kick the habit.</p>

If that’s not a successful week at Beauty School, I don’t know what is. 

Thanks again friends for reading, hope your journey is going a great as mine. Keep spreading love and the good things will come back to you.

Till next time,



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