Tell us a bit about yourself and your career.
I am 56 years old. I was a retail manager for many years and got into the beauty industry when my last child graduated and went into the Marine Corps. I work at a full-service salon and spa and am a very busy practitioner.

What are your health challenges and how have you responded to them?
I sit a lot, which can really take its toll. I work long days, often 12 or more hours, and have no real break times. I try to offset this by starting my day with a short run. It gets me outside, clears my head, and helps me to mentally prepare for my day. I make easily accessible meals for work, mostly plant-based shakes and a few nuts and seeds to sustain me through the day. I also incorporate 20 minutes of weight training four nights a week. This keeps my body strong and prevents fatigue. I also add yoga, kayaking, and paddle boarding when I can.

What has been your result so far?
One of my clients started a weight loss group and I joined just to support her. I had no idea I weighed as much as I did. I didn’t commit to it at first, but I ended up losing 22 pounds over five months and won the contest.

What further goals do you have?
I have wanted to run a marathon with my three adult sons. That is a future goal of mine. No takers as of yet.

What has been the most difficult aspect of your healthy lifestyle?
Time management is difficult. There are only so many hours in the day. With my heavy work schedule, it can be hard to fit in activities for my health. Food planning can seem hard some days. Nighttime snacking can sneak up on you when you are tired.

What’s your advice for other nail techs who want to become healthier?
Start your day with healthy intentions. Plan ahead for easy healthy eating. You’ll be more likely to do it if you’ve already planned for it. Make it fun and enjoyable. Our health is our most valuable asset. We must invest in ourselves in order to serve others. Planning and preparation are keys to success in every area of life, and I realize more than ever that positive personal habits will always flow into professional ones.

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