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Answers via Instagram

1. "We're friends. You're not going to charge me, are you?" - @nailyourideas

2. "You need an actual career." - @misashton

3. "My fingers look like chicken feet." - @empirenailsandbeauty

4. I had a client tell me how hairy her husband was and how sexy she thinks his butt is because she can run her fingers through it. This was the first time I had met her. - @tifcurt

5. "I'm Beyoncé's cousin, you want me to call her? This should be free for me!" - laquenailbar

6. "Scoop all that fungus out please!" - @diane_yar

7. After finishing the entire gel manicure, my client said, "I don't like that color, can you do them again?" - @naturallygelnailsandlashes

8. "Can I have a square shape a bit like a coffin but rounded off but not too narrow?" - @couturenailshairbeauty

9. "You know I use that pinky to pick my and my kid's nose, right?" - @glamour_chic_beauty

10. "I forgot my wallet, can I pay you later?" - @beatrixkiddo315

11. "I'm so ticklish. I hope I didn't kick you in the face." - @rdavis667

12. "So when are you gonna lower your prices?" - @nailsbykaesi

13. "You had to go to school for this? Couldn't you just learn this off YouTube?" - @_badpolishfetish_

14. "I would be devasted if my daughter ended up in a job like yours, she is far more [academic]." - @faye_liscombe

15. "Why are you even speaking to me? You're here to do my service nothing more." - @miss_nessajean

16. "My client informed me she was having an affair with another client's husband." - @demoda_salon

17. I once had an elderly client who asked me to accompany her to the restroom, pull down her underwear and pour a cup of warm water on her so that she could go pee. - @1nailchick

18. "You're too old to do nails." - @gettingtipsy_nailsbysusan

19. "I paid for this appointment time so I pretty much own you. You have to do what I say.” - @loveauxstudio

20. "What's your real job?" - @franny9560

21. "I couldn't do nails all day it's just such a trivial little job." - @thenailboutique1

22. "What's happening with your hair? I don't like it." - @zombiekitten778

23. "Anyone can do nails. It's not complicated." - @nailsbylilywa

24. "Don't you get bored of this?" - @klairejoyjill

25. The client had a couple toe nails missing and asked, 'Can you just paint my skin where the nails would be?" - @elevatenailsandbeauty

26. "Do you really feel fulfilled doing this?" - @joannajohnson1629

27. "How long did it take you to learn to speak like us?" - @tonkaa92

28. "This will be the last time I'm tipping you because I don't believe it's necessary to tip you people." - @nails_by_shelly_thompson

29. "Not to sound racist, but I never have had a white girl do my nails before!” - @kirsgordon

30. "Your emergency surgery was really inconvenient for me." - @robinlempnailsandbeauty

31. I asked [an older woman if her first-ever set of acrylics] feel strange. She replied "Not as strange as my false teeth!" - @jan_keely

32. "I don't know if I want a Puerto Rican doing my nails." - @annitha33

33. "'Aren’t your parents disappointed in you for choosing this profession?'" - @laurenb192

34. "I'd love your job, it's so easy." - @carlamayofficialxo

35. A client once told me that I had to be mixed with Asian since I own a nail salon. - @lilliansnails

36. "Wow you are really smart for a manicurist..." - @sublimenlim1972

Answers via Facebook

37. "I'm a queen of the beauty industry here and I'll easily destroy your business." - Diana Pajeva

38. A client once told me, "Daddy has been good to you" because she assumed that a 23-year-old woman needed someone else's help to open their own nail salon. - Kim Williams

39. My client was squirming around in her chair trying to scratch her butt by not using her hands. She looks up at me and asks, "Tanya, how close are we now? Like, scratch my butt kind of close? Or no?" to which I replied, "Ahhh, no." - Tanya Dangl

40. "I can't believe your salon doesn't stink, because you have that thing in your house." She was pointing at a photo of my show dog. - Kaitlin Jeanette Smith

41. After I'd broken my nose in an accident she said, "Well you never had a nice nose to start with!" - Donna Louise

42. "Did you graduate high school?" - Heather McDaniel

42. "How long is pneumonia supposed to last? Can't you just sit at the desk and do my nails?" - Missy Taylor

43. "You should wear more makeup." - Odile Sutcliffe

44. After I told her I was going on vacation soon she said, 'Oh are you going to lose some weight first?" - Shelley Lynn Brine

45. I was asked if I would accept a homemade pie as payment. - Crystal Grimes

46. "Are you pregnant?" I clearly was not pregnant." - Christina Clark

47. "Can you pick my wedgie out?" - Lisa Cotnoir

48. "I don't have money to pay you this time, so I'll have to pay you next time." - Kimbles Jayne Reynolds

49. One client told me she was going to destroy my business by bad mouthing me all over the city if I didn't rebook her, all because I didn't have availability for three weeks. - Diana Pajeva

50. After a rate increase, a client said, "I think you make enough money." - Michelle Taylor

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