If you’ve been in this business for a while, you’ve probably noticed a shift in the “typical” nail client. Gone are the days when your book was full of standing appointments for every-two-weeks-like-clockwork pink-and-white wearers who would never think of missing an appointment. Sure, there are still those clients out there, but we’re seeing a whole new group of client types cropping up in salons from Boston to San Francisco.

Your new client might be a natural nails-only type who wants a salon that is free of acrylic smells. She loves all things organic and wants manicures and pedicures that use natural ingredients. Or she might be a nail art junkie, looking for a nail artist who’s setting trends with nail styles and designs.

She might even be the kind of client who eschews salon appointments and wants to know that her salon can accommodate her unpredictable schedule. She might want to come in with one girlfriend — or many — to share cocktails and laughs over services. Or, he might want a relaxing setting — with a little less pink — to unwind after a busy week.

So what are you doing to get these new client types in your salon? Or are you just sitting back waiting for your traditional pink-and-whiters to take your business to the next level? Because if you’re waiting around, I’m afraid you might be missing out on potential new revenue.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve got a solid business of pink-and-whites, I don’t think you should drop everything and go chasing after the latest trend, I just think you might consider expanding your business to include some new services that will attract some of these new client types. Basically, you need to evolve as the industry evolves, as products evolve, and as your clients evolve.

Whether you decide to add a new service, bring in a tech with some crazy nail art skills, or completely rethink how you’ve set up your salon, commit to making at least one change in your business this year. You might find some ideas right in the pages of NAILS Magazine or on our website (www.nailsmag.com). Or if you haven’t been in a while, consider getting to a trade show to see what’s new. Maybe you can attend one of many local networking events to pick up some new techniques from some top-notch educators. The important thing is that you open yourself up to new ideas and new ways of looking at your business.

Contributing writer and nail tech Michelle Pratt wrote a great article on this topic for this month’s issue. It’s on page 118. After you read it, I’d love to hear from you on what you’re doing to reinvent yourself.  

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