How do I change the art during an acrylic fill?

September 03, 2013

I have been reluctant to try acrylic nail art using embedding or colored acrylics on clients because I’m unsure of what to do when they come back in two weeks and want to change the art. Even if they just want a fill, it may not blend right with the rest of the art. Any advice?


My suggestion is to consult with the client to see how long she plans on wearing the design. Colored acrylic is a commitment, but you can plan out how the design is going to wear. If the client is only going to keep it for a couple of appointments, I suggest applying a transparent color at the cuticle; that way the growth doesn’t show as much and it’s easier to fill. Have a game plan. You can choose a color scheme that will be easy to fill. For instance, use a medium pink at the cuticle. Then when you do your client’s fill, you can use a light pink to extend the life of the design. With some of my clients, when they grow tired of the design, I fill it with transparent glitter and just let the design grow off. The other option is to polish or gel-polish over the design to hide it.

— MaeLing Parrish is the dean of education for Hand & Nail Harmony.

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