Bubbles in my acrylic. How do I stop this?

February 14, 2012

I have bubbles in my acrylic. How do I stop this? Some clients have lifting around the eponychium area, even though I have sealed it. What am I doing wrong?


Bubbles in acrylic are usually caused by an incorrect ratio of liquid to powder. They can also form when you over-work the acrylic (excessive patting). Try using smoother strokes depending on the consistency of the acrylic.

For the eponychium area, applying product too close can cause lifting. Any interference with the acrylic and the natural nail bonding will result in the acrylic lifting off. This is why prep is so important. You must push back the cuticles and remove all residue from the nail plate, properly etch, and then dehydrate the nail plate to get the acrylic to adhere. Remember that too much primer and an incorrect liquid and powder ratio will also cause lifting at the cuticle.   

— Classic Mully is a nail tech from Gilbert, Ariz., who actively competes and writes about her experiences on NAILS’ Competition Insider Blog, at

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