Depending on the comment, I thank them for the comment, address the issue, and improve. If it’s just nasty, I ignore and block them.
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I believe it’s just part of life and you mustn’t take it to heart. A lot of it is jealousy, but sometimes it’s constructive criticism.
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I actually embrace negative comments. I recognize everyone has their own points of view and opinions, and of course there are those who are so miserable in their personal lives that they take pleasure in insulting others. I never give those people the satisfaction. I take negative comments as a way to improve in areas I wasn’t aware needed improving.
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Always turn a negative into a positive and use it to better yourself and prove the haters wrong. You are never going to keep everyone happy.
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Kill them with kindness.
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If you’re a newbie, it can be soul destroying to receive a bad comment or nasty negativity towards you and your business. If you have been in the industry a long time, I think it’s something you have learned to deal with and understand it’s just how this industry can be sometimes. Personally, I used to buy into it and retaliate, but I started to understand I was just lowering myself to their level and a lot of the time it’s people who feel jealous. Now I just smile, nod, and walk away. I’m all about embracing each other and building each other up. Sometimes people forget we all start somewhere and helping people is more rewarding. That simple comment or heart on someone’s work can make somebody’s day.
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Ignore it, or if it needs to be addressed, maybe politely comment or send a private message.
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