Photography Arienne Jonas

Photography Arienne Jonas

Nail artist and teacher Katie Barnes (@katiebarnesnailartist) is known for her mastery of extreme shapes. An international award winner, former NTNA competitor, and Scratch cover artist, she completed a photo shoot featuring blue and yellow edge nails with embellishments. 

Here's how to create these nails:

1. File and prep the natural nail for nail extension.

2. Apply Take 2 Nailebrity Wraps to the natural nail (this allows you to remove and decorate and refit for the photoshoot).

3. Create razor shape using liquid and powder.

4. File into shape, buff, then paint with yellow acrylic paint.

5. Apply one layer of colored gel (no sticky layer), thin and even on the back of a nail form and cure. You can use gel-polish, but must use no-wipe top coat over the top, being careful not to add too many layers, as this will thicken the product and will lose its flexibility.

6. Use sharp, thin, straight scissors to cut this gel into strips and peel off the back of the form. Fold these strips together into the shape of a flower and secure with nail glue. 

7. Adhere the gel flowers to the nail using gem glue. Add crystals in the middle for the center of the flower. Finish the nail design with a selection of complementary Swarovski crystals and Crystal Pixie.

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