Experts at Nicely Polished have found the top nail art trends for the 2020 holiday season, and its giving us all the inspo we need to end the year strong and stylish. If your clients are looking for festive mani ideas but aren't sure where to start, delight them with one of these looks.

French Tips


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A festive take on the ever-popular colored French tips manicure, because obviously everything is better with sparkle. Expert tip: If you struggle with a steady hand, you can use some masking tape to create a stencil on the nail. 

Green & Gold Glitter 

This look couldn’t be simpler, a stunning dark green with gold glitter. It doesn’t get much more festive than this. Expert tip: When using glitter nail varnish, it’s important to always have a color underneath, as the contrast is what really makes this look pop. 

Red, Nude & Gold

A festive mix of golds, nudes and reds. If you’re looking for a yuletide palette but don’t want to go too bold this is a great compromise. Adding in a nude shade helps to add a level of sophistication. Expert tip: Play up the textures here between shiny and matte.

Candy Canes

Candy canes aren’t just for hanging on the tree and baking. A subtle nod to the delicious sweet is a perfect way to tie the holidays into a look without going overboard. Expert tip: When doing a layered look like this, always apply the lighter color first, as you will need less coats to cover it with a darker polish.  

Gold & Red Two Tone 

Red and gold go together like December and eggnog. Expert tip: If you’re delivering a more professional look, using two different colors on the same hand is always an easy way to achieve that. It doesn’t matter which nails you paint different colors, but try to do the same pattern on both hands for some consistency. 

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