gel-acrylic hybrid

VIDEO HOW-TO: Lava Lamp Nails

Yes, you're seeing them. Here's how to create Lava Lamp nails.

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IBD Control Gel Pink-and-White Extension Tutorial

IBD’s Control Gel gives you the power to control every aspect of the application, from dispensing to sculpting to curing. The product combines the efficiencies of gel and acrylic in an all-in-one, odorless formula.

Behind the Scenes: Pink and White Marble Nails

Killeen, Texas-based tech So Yong Yu, recreated one of her signature salon styles using Gel II 4D Sculpting Gel.

Mia Secret Polymia Gel Creates Light, Strong Enhancements

Mia Secret’s Polymia is an odorless nail enhancement product that can be used over natural nails or to sculpt nails using tips or nail forms, providing light, strong enhancements

What's the Difference Between PolyGel and Builder Gel?

Suzie Moskal demonstrates the differences between hybrid gels and builder gels, including application.

IBD Control Gel One Color Extension Tutorial

Learn how to create a nail extension using IBD Control Gel. 

How to Fill Using IBD Control Gel

Learn how to fill an IBD Control Gel enhancement. 

How To Remove IBD Control Gel Tutorial

Learn how to properly remove IBD's Control Gel. 

Stop Service Breakdown: A Guide to Better Nails

Don’t let service breakdown give you a nervous breakdown. Regardless of what nail medium you’re using — polish, gel-polish, gel, acrylic, or gel-acrylic hybrid — problems are bound to crop up from time to time. Here are some troubleshooting tips aimed at making these common technical failings a thing of the past.

Entity Studio One Pink and White Sculpted Tutorial

Learn how to create French nails using Entity's Studio One gel-acrylic hybrid.