Would You Be OK If Your Phone or Computer Crashed?

by Holly Schippers | April 1, 2011

How much of a tech junkie are you? Could you live without your laptop? Is your cell phone nearly a lifeline? To that end what would happen if one or both of them crashed, were stolen, or some other tragic fate?


I am fully aware that my addiction is at a high level, my poor kids probably think the BlackBerry is a growth on my hand. With addiction comes responsibility when was the last time you backed up your contacts? Is there a reason you do not do that on a regular, at least monthly, schedule? Do you use your phone for salon use? I keep clients in mine so that I can text them appointment times. How would I know who was texting me back to re-schedule if my phone crashed and I had no contacts to restore to it? We have all done it at least once, lost everything with no back up, or even worst case scenario the laptop and phone met disaster at the same time. Now that you have the back up bug in your ear, the excuses are going to feel really lame!


Speaking of laptop, my blog has been a bit off schedule the last few times as my computer had to be wiped and reset back to factory settings. Was this fun? Hardly Could it have been worse? Oh yeah! If my computer hero had not been in possession of a spare external hard drive on which to store all my important stuff I could have been lost. Sadly if the computer had crashed before I was able to be proactive all would have been lost. Are you using a computer for the salon? What is your back-up schedule? Weekly? Monthly? I'm sure you are smarter than me and not thinking that you don't have time to mess with that back up stuff ;o)


I know that we do nails and may not all be techno geeks, but if you are going to mix technology with your nails be sure you are keeping up with the basics of back ups. I know an external hard drive is on my shopping list and I now have the BlackBerry sync days on a schedule instead of just whenever I think of it!

— Holly

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