Annie Nguyen

Annie Nguyen

Liven up your Instagram feed with videos featuring salon clients. Not only does this add energy and authenticity and to your web presence, it builds a bond with the clients you’ve tapped to share their experiences of your salon. Annie Nguyen, outreach coordinator for salon equipment and furniture company Standish Salon Goods ( offers these tips for creating fun social media posts.

1. Record Boomerangs using Instagram’s Boomerang App. These are short, infinite-looping videos that behave similarly to a gif. Not only are they growing in popularity, but they are super easy to produce. Record short clips of your customers getting pampered or showing off painted nails with cute hand gestures. (Another option is to record team members having fun at work.) You can download the app for free and it connects seamlessly to Instagram. You can also record Boomerangs directly on the app through Instagram Stories. Hint: Save these Boomerangs and repurpose them on other social media channels.

2. Conduct short interviews. Show your customers some appreciation by interviewing them on their experience at your salon and featuring them on your Instagram feed. Ask questions such as, “What keeps you coming back?” or “What’s your favorite nail trend?” In return for being interviewed, reward them with a 10%-off coupon for their next service. Hint: Excerpt quotes to use as testimonials on your website for boosted credibility.

3. Record live Stories. Live Stories are a great way to engage with your followers in real time. They are best used during fun events like holiday parties, or during peak seasons, like prom-time, as it allows you to build excitement and share these moments with your fans. During slower times, live videos can be used to promote any special limited-time deals or promotions to bring in customers. Hint: Host a live Q&A with a team member sharing relevant tips and insights into the nail industry, such as hot colors, design trends, or seasonal nail art.

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