The consultation is your first opportunity to educate your new client and impress her with your professionalism. The client card is an ideal method for guiding this initial conversation and gathering essential information. This consultation can be difficult if you’re not confident, so follow these simple steps suggested by The Nail Superstore:

1. Ask your customer why she has come to your salon. Just because she came in for a manicure doesn’t mean you shouldn’t discuss gels or acrylics with her. She may honestly have never considered that option, and so will be happy to listen to your soft-sell presentation of the benefits.

2. Look at all nails; examine and point out peeling or cracks that may need to be mended. Single nail mends with gel (for example) are a great way to turn manicure clients into enhancement clients. The satisfaction of instant gratification in that new nail, as well as the way it will hold up may be enough to get her to convert. Start explaining the various options she has for maintaining her nails: natural nail manicures on a weekly schedule, gel-polish, acrylics, gels, wraps, etc.

3. Ask what shape and length she has been wearing lately, and how that has been working for her. Also discuss her color choices. Make recommendations based on your professional training.

4. Ask about her lifestyle, work, hobbies, and home life. Discuss and analyze with her how those factors affect her nails and her choices for her nails.

5. Lay out your proposal. Tell her what you can do to make her nails fabulous. Give her some time frames and approximate costs.

6. Follow through. Have her fill out a client card (or ask the questions and fill it out for her). Explain why you are asking questions — to be able to provide her with better service. Be sure to document her visit and the game plan (on the reverse side of the client card) so the next time she comes in you can stay on task. Each time she visits have her client card out so you can refer to it during the service. Be sure to fill it out immediately following every service.

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