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How are top coats and base coats different in formulation?

Within the same product brand, are gel top coats and gel base coats essentially the same in formulation, and if not, what ingredients or qualities potentially make them different from one another? Additionally, when applying hard gel (builder gel) in clear (totally no color in the application at all), is it necessary to top coat the clear hard gel with a gel-polish top coat?

Why isn’t my Gelish application curing properly?

I am having a hard time with my Gelish drying dull at the end of the service when I wipe the dispersion layer. Sometimes the colors don’t adhere to the foundation and then it all wipes off. It seems to be the same clients this happens with and then with others there are no problems at all.

Am I losing my touch applying acrylics?

I have a client whose nails used to last really well with acrylics. She only needed a fill every three weeks. But now they lift a lot and break. She only wears tips with an overlay. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Recently she was in need of repair on my day off, so she went to another tech and got a fill as well. She cancelled all her bookings with me and her nails are good with this other tech’s product. I use NSI and have been a tech for seven years. Perhaps I’m losing my touch? I also struggle sometimes with lifting on the sidewalls. Please help!

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Q&A: How do I prevent French manicures from chipping?

I’m noticing that my gel-polish French manicures aren’t lasting like full-color gel-polishes. The white is chipping off at the free edge. I know I swipe the end of the free edge or the tip so drying doesn’t pull it back. What could be causing this?

Are there any good videos available on properly filing a lift?

Are there any good videos available on properly filing a lift? I feel like I end up filing too much because the lift spreads as I file. Fortunately I haven’t had to do much because I think the gels I’m doing are holding up well, but when I have to, I think I’m not doing it so well.

How do I change the art during an acrylic fill?

I have been reluctant to try acrylic nail art using embedding or colored acrylics on clients because I’m unsure of what to do when they come back in two weeks and want to change the art. Even if they just want a fill, it may not blend right with the rest of the art. Any advice?

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