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The Nail Hub Podcast: Exciting News for the Nail Hub Listeners

The Nail Hub podcast announces its partnership with NAILS Magazine! 

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New On-Demand Beauty App Seeks Nail Techs

Mobile beauty app Joiful is inviting nail techs, hairstylists, makeup pros, massage therapists, and estheticians to join its community of world-class artists.

Google Creates Virtual Tour for Tenessee Salon

he online tour gives potential visitors the ability to take Google’s Street View right into the salon, allowing them to see every inch of it.

Are Virtual Reality Manicures the Future of the Nail Industry?

“The Augmented Reality nail dream would act like a Snapchat face filter for nails – you hold up your hands in real time, in any light and on any background, and see a brand’s polish on your nails,” says WAH Nails owner Sharmadean Reid.

Tech Tuesday: Nailbot Launches on Indiegogo

Nailbot, a nail art printing machine, launches its Indiegogo campaign today.

Siri-Inspired Nails at Yesterday’s Apple Event

Siri-inspired nails hit the stage at yesterday's Apple event.

Bear Those Clawz: 3-D Printed Nail Art

These reusable nails are applied with an adhesive sticker that doesn’t cause damage to the natural nail or polish.

Protecting Client Data: Better Safe Than Sorry

Like other small businesses, nail salons are an enticing target for thieves seeking consumer data, such as client credit card numbers. Take heed of these best practices garnered from security experts on how to safeguard your salon.

Internet Silence

Maggie’s off the grid — and not by choice.

No Really, I Wasn’t Slackin’!

Maggie fell victim to cyber-demons.